Far beyond the sky

It has been 56 years since John.F.Kennedy made a speech at Rice University said, “We choose to go to the moon!”.

Many thought it is impossible and will take many decades. Well, after a half century now, we have 6 man-made exploration space crafts in Mars! (5 land rovers & one small space craft). We just confirmed actual existence of Water in Mars. I just think that this whole project and journey of achieving these dreams is absolutely amazing and encouraging.

Take a look at these footage.  First is the minuets journey of how the Mars rover took its journey to Mars. Then, documentary of people who made it possible. I love the comment by David Dreier(US representative) “..if you don’t take risk, you’re not going to learn anything. That’s why this – RISK TAKING- is so critical to our future. To improve the quality of our lives. We should do everything we can to inspire future generation to be as innovative…”

Enjoy these amazing clips!

Mars rover’s amazing trip, from earth to mars.

Docementary of project of Mars Explaration.


Audacity of American Dream

I usually don’t pay too much attention to politics. However, I’ve been impressed by Obama. I watched many of his talk, but this one at Google is my favorite(especially toward the end of clip, which is Q&A session). He brings the hope that U.S.A can once again live on its original pure intention of human dignity, and what we call “American Dream”. Kind of dream that Matin Luther King has talked about. He makes it feel like, there can be a momentum of creating whole new set of humanistic culture.(What I felt is pretty similar to what Tom Hanks is saying……so I attached his footage below, too) Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy this clip.



Find a path that resonate your soul.

Then give

your life into it.

All the way.

Not half way.

You might feel sense of despair, loneliness…

but you’ll be alone with the gods, the universe, this living force.

in your quest to find the path,

‘cause it’s wanting you to find it.

Find the path, even if it takes so much longer than you expect.

You sense the light is in depth of you,

You get to it, only when you give all into it.

On your path, somewhere you will be needed.

Then realize the interconnectedness of all lives in the world.

Find a path that resonate your vibe.

It will be that path, which will shine others.

Walk on the path, even if your closest might feel sorry for you,

for the time being,

call us wanderer, traveler, vagabond, tramp, gypsy

roamer, rover, drifter, rebel…

call us what they will.

You can think, feel , intuit, and sense the compass in you.

Resonance in you is the direction

Let your path shine a light,

in everyday people.

Let there be light.

Light is you.

We’re all afraid to stare at it.

Often, too bright.

Have we become comfortable with darkness?

Your soul knows…

you have to get to it.

It won’t come to you,

You have to get to it.

Greatness and wonderments in you,

It won’t just come to you.

You have to get to it.

But it is in you.

So everyone will get to it,

only if they Will.

Use the invisible virtue you posses, to communicate within.

Intuit, after great efforts to reach within.

Find the path,

walk on.

Deep sense of self-doubt might overwhelm you.

Then, we’ll battle together to conquer it within.

Long journey itself is the source of creation and happiness.

Let your path shed light,

For those, travelers of life, billions of them on this planet.

Enlightenment, nirvana,

Success, happiness…

is not a destination.

It is a journey.

Walk together now,

my traveler.


Copyright : Seiki

New Poetry

” Create !  Create ! “

When you look up the sky…

You know, it’s trying to tell you something.

Did you know?


The milky way …

Our milky way Galaxy

has over 200 billion stars in its body…

Two hundred BILLION !

That’s a lot of stars…

It doesn’t stop there.

Our Universe has at least, 125 billion galaxies in it.

… 200 billion times 125 billion…is what?

Now, that’s more than the grains of sand in all beaches of earth.

….. and it was all created, in just 13.7 billion years of span.

13.7 billion years ago,

this very our own universe,

was smaller than smallest part of Atom.

Somehow, this smallest thing of all……banged !

… and in just 13.7 billion years,

it created more than 125 billion observable galaxies in it.

From nothingness to greatness.

… and it’s still expanding to create more stars, galaxies after galaxies.

Yeah…. beyond our imagination.

It tells me something.

It’s trying to tell me,

“ Create !  Expand ! “

To create is the nature of universe.

We are all here to create !

Create values, beauty, harmony, art, peace…. you name it.

Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

We’re all here to create as long as our energy last.

This certainly seems to be one of the purpose of our life.

Somebody said this,

“Definition of enlightenment,

is to be in the state of CONSTANT CREATIVITY.”

When we look up, it all makes sense.

Oh, and FYI (for your information, as people say now..),

Those guys who called themselves the scientist or the cosmologist…

They are… now saying,

“Our universe might not be the only universe after all. “

“Multiverse” they call it.

Our universe is just one of infinite numbers of other universe…

Our universe co-exists with other universe,

they are also in the process of expansion and creation.

There could be infinite number of universe big banging all the time!

Our universe could be just one bubble floating in the ocean of other bubbles.

Yeah….. beyond our comprehension.

Create !  Expand !

Forever and ever, there is no limit !

Buddha said once,

“ Our mind is like a skilled painter, who creates various forms…

Thus of all phenomena throughout the entire world,

there is not a single one that is not created by the mind.

The universe is the same in nature as our life,

and living beings are the same in nature as the universe.

Outside of our mind or life, there is no phenomenon that exists.

The mind, the life, the Buddha, the universe and all living beings are without distinction.”

The universe brings life & death….

and it brings back life to you, again and again, for eternity.

Universe brings life and death.

But it doesn’t destroy anything.

It just creates.

For eternity.

It constantly creates, creates, creates……  Life!

When you look up,

…. or when you look within,

It is telling us,

“ Create !    Create ! “

copyright: SEIKI

Wonderment #1- World is Big and Small !

I just encountered this video footage, which everytime I watch, it cannot falie to make me smile for some reason. I think, it needed tremendous amount of determination, passion and courage to pull this out.  The world is so big and small at the same time. There are so much out there to see.   .. and we can unite as ONE through passion, music and all arts!

Africa !

When I was about 15 years old, I went through such a tough time. To a point where I had some serious suicidal thoughts. There were many things happening to my life; my family moved from Tokyo to Shikoku(imagine you lived in middle of Manhattan, suddenly had to moved to country side of Idaho !) My parent’s divorce, culture shock, lost…. etc.. On the base of it, I guess I was also trying to make sense out of life and my existence, trying to find a meaning of my life. Ironically, this kind of intense pain, if you endure it, often lead us into some profound insights. One of many was, it made me open my eyes to other people’s suffering. At that time, I saw a documentary on hunger in Africa. Prior to this, there were momentum by many musician around world to save kids in Africa, such as Band AID, LIVE AID and U.S.A for Africa and all… Anyway, in this documentary I saw, they say that every year kids dies because of extreme poverty. If you count them, every 7 seconds one kid die from the hunger all year along. I was really shocked and long story short, made a pledge to myself that I won’t be an adult who does not do anything for this to be over, rather I will contribute my life to somehow end this. Later, luckily I discovered Buddhism(but that’s another Blog page). A couple of years ago, I found out that now, every 3 seconds, one kid is dying because of extreme poverty. Then I also found what Bono has done for Africa. He became a such a model for me as an artist. After John Lennon, I’ve never seen anyone much his model…..Anyway here’s a inspiring talk from Bono. Short one and long one….Enjoy!

(you can go to www.one.org for m ore info)

Above footage is Bono’s passion for Africa in 2min.

More details in 25min.

Poetry Forum


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