– Dream –

Dream.. What a word. Such a word.

Dream.. this is why I live.

Dream.. this isn’t here? death seems a better place for me.

Dream.. this kept me alive… why I’m still here.

Dream.. this saved my life. Stop me from ending.

Dream.. this… manifested hope.

Dream.. this kept me going anyway, when I was deep in the mud, couldn’t see anything.

Dream.. because of this, I made it so far

Dream.. this… indeed took me so.. so far… Far enough, can’t go back..

Dream.. this… thus… kept me, walk on.

Dream.. this… are direction, awakening, depression, happiness, joy and bliss.

Dream.. this led me seek the truth. So deep. I think I reached the bottom.

Dream.. this… became a snake around my neck, that won’t go away… oh…

Dream.. this is a bluebird inside of me.

Dream.. this is TRUTH.

Dream.. this I struggle.

Dream.. this elevate my soul

Dream.. this made me see so many humans outside of my hometown.

Dream.. this won’t let me go home often.

Dream.. this keeps me moving, even when I don’t have a home.

Dream.. this gives me a picture of beautiful family, a place I call home.

Dream.. this often makes me feel so much love, when I don’t see any sign of the
appearance of it.

Dream.. this… put me in constant struggle..

Dream.. this… surrounded by missiles of derision, mockery, betrayal and safer places.

Dream.. this.. I somehow can’t let go.

Dream.. this.. fantasy? truth?

Dream.. this.. I won’t let go.
Living without this is a death of my soul, my body shall follow my soul
slowly but surely.. I still want to live.

Dream.. this.. I hold onto.

Dream.. this… makes me pray.

Dream.. this… will fly me to you.

Dream.. this will emerge my genius.

Dream.. this… I dream.

Dream.. this will take you far, higher and higher, up on that hills after hills,
mountains, canyons… shall see the views you can’t even begin to imagine.

Dream.. this forced me, open my eyes, to me, to others, to even kids in Africa.

Dream.. this… I’m on the journey of wonderment, from nothingness to greatness.
negative to peace of the world

Dream.. this… search of truth, love, happiness, joy… and giving peace a chance.

Dream.. this… the most beautiful word in the world

Dream.. this… a word I die for.

Dream.. this… I’m in.

Dream.. this… when you’re in.. gotta go all the way.. all.. the way.

Dream.. I dream.

Do you?