When I was about 15 years old, I went through such a tough time. To a point where I had some serious suicidal thoughts. There were many things happening to my life; my family moved from Tokyo to Shikoku(imagine you lived in middle of Manhattan, suddenly had to moved to country side of Idaho !) My parent’s divorce, culture shock, lost…. etc.. On the base of it, I guess I was also trying to make sense out of life and my existence, trying to find a meaning of my life. Ironically, this kind of intense pain, if you endure it, often lead us into some profound insights. One of many was, it made me open my eyes to other people’s suffering. At that time, I saw a documentary on hunger in Africa. Prior to this, there were momentum by many musician around world to save kids in Africa, such as Band AID, LIVE AID and U.S.A for Africa and all… Anyway, in this documentary I saw, they say that every year kids dies because of extreme poverty. If you count them, every 7 seconds one kid die from the hunger all year along. I was really shocked and long story short, made a pledge to myself that I won’t be an adult who does not do anything for this to be over, rather I will contribute my life to somehow end this. Later, luckily I discovered Buddhism(but that’s another Blog page). A couple of years ago, I found out that now, every 3 seconds, one kid is dying because of extreme poverty. Then I also found what Bono has done for Africa. He became a such a model for me as an artist. After John Lennon, I’ve never seen anyone much his model…..Anyway here’s a inspiring talk from Bono. Short one and long one….Enjoy!

(you can go to www.one.org for m ore info)

Above footage is Bono’s passion for Africa in 2min.

More details in 25min.