” Create !  Create ! “

When you look up the sky…

You know, it’s trying to tell you something.

Did you know?


The milky way …

Our milky way Galaxy

has over 200 billion stars in its body…

Two hundred BILLION !

That’s a lot of stars…

It doesn’t stop there.

Our Universe has at least, 125 billion galaxies in it.

… 200 billion times 125 billion…is what?

Now, that’s more than the grains of sand in all beaches of earth.

….. and it was all created, in just 13.7 billion years of span.

13.7 billion years ago,

this very our own universe,

was smaller than smallest part of Atom.

Somehow, this smallest thing of all……banged !

… and in just 13.7 billion years,

it created more than 125 billion observable galaxies in it.

From nothingness to greatness.

… and it’s still expanding to create more stars, galaxies after galaxies.

Yeah…. beyond our imagination.

It tells me something.

It’s trying to tell me,

“ Create !  Expand ! “

To create is the nature of universe.

We are all here to create !

Create values, beauty, harmony, art, peace…. you name it.

Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

We’re all here to create as long as our energy last.

This certainly seems to be one of the purpose of our life.

Somebody said this,

“Definition of enlightenment,

is to be in the state of CONSTANT CREATIVITY.”

When we look up, it all makes sense.

Oh, and FYI (for your information, as people say now..),

Those guys who called themselves the scientist or the cosmologist…

They are… now saying,

“Our universe might not be the only universe after all. “

“Multiverse” they call it.

Our universe is just one of infinite numbers of other universe…

Our universe co-exists with other universe,

they are also in the process of expansion and creation.

There could be infinite number of universe big banging all the time!

Our universe could be just one bubble floating in the ocean of other bubbles.

Yeah….. beyond our comprehension.

Create !  Expand !

Forever and ever, there is no limit !

Buddha said once,

“ Our mind is like a skilled painter, who creates various forms…

Thus of all phenomena throughout the entire world,

there is not a single one that is not created by the mind.

The universe is the same in nature as our life,

and living beings are the same in nature as the universe.

Outside of our mind or life, there is no phenomenon that exists.

The mind, the life, the Buddha, the universe and all living beings are without distinction.”

The universe brings life & death….

and it brings back life to you, again and again, for eternity.

Universe brings life and death.

But it doesn’t destroy anything.

It just creates.

For eternity.

It constantly creates, creates, creates……  Life!

When you look up,

…. or when you look within,

It is telling us,

“ Create !    Create ! “

copyright: SEIKI