Find a path that resonate your soul.

Then give

your life into it.

All the way.

Not half way.

You might feel sense of despair, loneliness…

but you’ll be alone with the gods, the universe, this living force.

in your quest to find the path,

‘cause it’s wanting you to find it.

Find the path, even if it takes so much longer than you expect.

You sense the light is in depth of you,

You get to it, only when you give all into it.

On your path, somewhere you will be needed.

Then realize the interconnectedness of all lives in the world.

Find a path that resonate your vibe.

It will be that path, which will shine others.

Walk on the path, even if your closest might feel sorry for you,

for the time being,

call us wanderer, traveler, vagabond, tramp, gypsy

roamer, rover, drifter, rebel…

call us what they will.

You can think, feel , intuit, and sense the compass in you.

Resonance in you is the direction

Let your path shine a light,

in everyday people.

Let there be light.

Light is you.

We’re all afraid to stare at it.

Often, too bright.

Have we become comfortable with darkness?

Your soul knows…

you have to get to it.

It won’t come to you,

You have to get to it.

Greatness and wonderments in you,

It won’t just come to you.

You have to get to it.

But it is in you.

So everyone will get to it,

only if they Will.

Use the invisible virtue you posses, to communicate within.

Intuit, after great efforts to reach within.

Find the path,

walk on.

Deep sense of self-doubt might overwhelm you.

Then, we’ll battle together to conquer it within.

Long journey itself is the source of creation and happiness.

Let your path shed light,

For those, travelers of life, billions of them on this planet.

Enlightenment, nirvana,

Success, happiness…

is not a destination.

It is a journey.

Walk together now,

my traveler.


Copyright : Seiki