It has been 56 years since John.F.Kennedy made a speech at Rice University said, “We choose to go to the moon!”.

Many thought it is impossible and will take many decades. Well, after a half century now, we have 6 man-made exploration space crafts in Mars! (5 land rovers & one small space craft). We just confirmed actual existence of Water in Mars. I just think that this whole project and journey of achieving these dreams is absolutely amazing and encouraging.

Take a look at these footage.  First is the minuets journey of how the Mars rover took its journey to Mars. Then, documentary of people who made it possible. I love the comment by David Dreier(US representative) “..if you don’t take risk, you’re not going to learn anything. That’s why this – RISK TAKING- is so critical to our future. To improve the quality of our lives. We should do everything we can to inspire future generation to be as innovative…”

Enjoy these amazing clips!

Mars rover’s amazing trip, from earth to mars.

Docementary of project of Mars Explaration.